In between we are landed in 2018 and the cold days are behind us. Last winter there were a lot of progressions and now we have 2 lay-outs operational with scenery on a high standard.
First we have a small lay-out in h0e scale (4 mm scale on narrow gauge) as a part of a German of Austrian scenery. The lay-out is full digital and was for the first time on show at Katwijk last September.
A second lay-out is nearly ready. This is a 00-scale track as it was in Kent and Sussex in the years ’60. Just steam, diesel and electric traction on the scene.
This lay-out is 5 metres in length and 40 cm width and also full digital, it was on the exebition in Gouda (Holland) on 7 and 8 April for the first time on show.

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